Dr. John on “you saw WHAT in your dog’s poop?”

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Hello again!  I just wanted to share a story with all of you that affects not only pet health but the health of humans as well!  I had a phone call recently from a client who had just seen “spaghetti” in their dog’s stool.  As you can imagined they were pretty grossed out and of course it wasn’t actually spaghetti they were seeing!  Usually, with reports like this one I immediately think of roundworms — they tend to have the appearance of white, string-like spaghetti and often times dogs may not even have any symtoms despite being infected.  So what is a pet owner to do?  First and foremost, I advise an annual fecal screening test for parasites for ALL cats and dogs.  This past year, Royal York Animal Hospital, completed its FIFTH ANNUAL study on pets in our own community (Etobicoke).  Our findings are very significant to both us and our clients as the data is collected from pets that live in an urban environment and are generally very well cared for…….and often that is the reason owners give for not testing a stool sample every year… Our results showed that of the total stool samples submitted and tested through our lab at Royal York Animal Hospital, for all five yers in the consecutive study that  7-10% tested positive for various intestinal parasites!  This significant finding even surprised us!  Many of these parasites (including the spaghetti -like roundworm) are transmissible to people and can cause serious longterm effects if not diagnosed and treated.   Clearly all pets should have a routine fecal test performed every year  (bring a “sample” in at the time of your pet’s annual physical and vaccination update).  Puppies and Kittens are most at risk and we have regulated protocols for deworming these little guys.   Deworming medication is fairly simple and straightforward to give depending on the parasite diagnosed.  An added bonus of protection for both dogs and cats during the summer month is the monthly application of the topical product REVOLUTION (protection from heartworms and fleas too!)

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