Dr. John discusses pet grooming and tips to remove cat and dog hair from your home and clothes

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Yikes!  It is Here, There and Everywhere…….Cat and Dog Hair Ugh!

We all love our pets but sometimes the hair is a nuisance and an embarrassment!  Dog and cat hair on our clothes, embedded in your furniture and on your floors and carpets.

Here are a few helpful cleanup hints for pet owners:

1. Brushing……Using a simple pet brush 2-3 times per week helps to brush out any loose hair and helps with pets that are minimal shedders

2. Professional Grooming…..Regular (8-12 weeks) trims, baths and brushouts really helps minimize shedding.  Remember that RYAH has two professional pet groomers and offers grooming seven days a week (all breeds of dogs and cats too!)

Now some ideas for your home:

1. A dryer sheet run across clean baseboards will prevent the pet hair from sticking as it repels dust and dirt.

2. Use antistatic sprays on upholstery before cleaning the furniture as it allows pet hair to be easily removed from fabrics when vacuumed.

3. If you wear rubber gloves and run your hands over furniture and clothing it helps to remove hair more easily.

4. Try using a pet grooming brush to remove pet hair from carpeting.  For delicate fibers use a curry comb.

5. Invest in a GOOD vacuum!

Dr. John 🙂



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