Abe, the dachshund, raids the bathroom garbage and needs emergency surgery

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Dr. John in surgery

Just a few weeks ago…..Abe a 12 year old Dachshund came into RYAH to see me.  He had vomited a few times in the previous 24 hours and his owners were concerned.  It seemed that Abe had been into the bathroom garbage and had eaten a soiled ‘maxi-pad’ on the Friday night. He had only passed a few bits in his bowel movements on Saturday and now it was Sunday…….hmmmm….at this point I was very suspicious that all or some of the sanitary pad was NOT going to be able to pass through Abe’s digestive system.

Radiographs revealed strange material in Abe’s stomach And it was determined that surgery was needed. 3/4 of the sanitary pad was removed surgically from his stomach. Other pieces of the  plastic liner had separated and moved through the small intestine where it had lodged and caused the small intestine to accordion. This would be like you pulling a loose thread on your sweater and the sweater bunching up where the thread is pulled – this is what happened to Abe’s intestines. This requires intricate surgery to remove the blockage and keep the intestines intact.

It has now been about two weeks ago we are happy to report that Abe has now made a full recovery.

I wanted to tell this story because it is a good reminder of two things.

1. Just because your dog is older or more ‘settled’ does not mean he still will not get into the garbage and eat foreign objects or material

2.  Dogs can and will eat just about anything!

Dr. John


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