Keeping your Pet safe OUTDOORS this winter

By January 11, 2013Uncategorized

Happy New Year Everyone,

I have just put together a few outdoor Winter safety tips :

1. If it is too cold outside for YOU…..then it is too cold outside for your Pet !

2. Paws are sensitive to salt…….remember to wash your pets feet when they come inside and to dry them thoroughly too!

3. Some dogs do appreciate and need coat or boots when on their winter walks.

4. Outdoor cats are attracted to the heat of car motors…..tap on the hood of your car a few times before starting your car.

5. ANTIFREEZE is fatal if ingested. Unfortunately pets are attracted to its sweet taste.  Any spills or leaks should be cleaned up immediately.  Keep Antifreeze stored in its original container which should be sealed and leak-proof and secured in a closed cupboard away from pets!

Keep safe and warm this winter!

Dr. John