A shout out for the Veterinary Technicians at RYAH !

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What is the Technician‘s role at a Veterinary Hospital?

I often get asked this question.  Anyone who has read James Herriot’s stories knows he did much of the everyday work himself.  Today, though, there are many people working in a veterinary facility.  The Veterinary Technician, is an important part of the hospital team and is most similar to a nurse in a human hospital but actually performs a wider range of duties.

Veterinary Technicians are trained to perform as nurse, laboratory technician, dental hygienist, radiology technician, anaesthetist and surgical assistant for your pet as well as providing essential educational information to pet owners.

Registered Veterinary Technicians have attended either a two or a four year accredited college program in Veterinary Technology giving them a broad background in medical terminology, pharmacology, anatomy and animal nutrition as well as hands on experience.   To become a Registered VT they also need to sit and pass a national board exam after graduation.

Royal York Animal Hospital’s team includes EIGHT Veterinary Technicians…..you probably recognize their names as most have been part of our team for many years:  Judy, Denise, Kim, Maureen, Alyssa, Cheryl, Lindsay and Heidi.   By performing vital tasks such as collecting blood and urine samples,  taking radiographs, performing blood tests etc. the veterinarians can be much more efficient and focused on diagnosing and treatment plans, prescribing needed medications and surgery.

Perhaps the most important job of the Veterinary Technician is nursing care as they are extremely well trained to recognize  when a hospitalized pet is in pain or uncomfortable or just frightened as they really get to “know” the pets in their care whether they are hospitalized because they are very sick or they are in for routine surgery.  Techs immediately inform the Vets of any change in status so that pet is immediately responded to.

So remember —  Your Veterinarian and your Veterinary Technician are important partners with YOU in the health care of your pets

Dr. John (in photo with Heidi RVT and Denise RVT)

Royal York Animal Hospital

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