Why Royal York Animal Hospital Recommends Laser Therapy

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January 2013, I attended the North American Veterinary Conference in Orlando, Florida.   Walking through the exhibition floor there was one booth that caught my eye. In the otherwise traditional veterinary medical landscape, one booth stood out as novel with a small cluster of vets and technicians standing around in awe, viewing the Companion Laser demo. I was a bit curios, I didn’t know much about pet laser therapy and as the day closed I found myself researching the company and laser therapy in pets.

I learned a number of clinical uses for both pets and humans, even the Toronto Blue Jays already had three machines and were using them to treat a myriad of sports injuries, from elbows to rotator cuffs, the Companion Laser was in the Jays rehabilitation “rotation”.

Types of Pet Laser Therapy

During the balance of the conference I attended lectures and discussion groups on the different types of lasers, their applications and techniques in their use. Upon returning to RYAH, I was excited to share my findings with my colleagues who were equally intrigued and excited.  Now, with more research and many hours of training under our belts for pet laser therapy, Royal York Animal Hospital is ready and proud to offer this therapeutic service to your pets.

Surgery Free Pet Laser Therapy

Now some of you may be wondering what exactly  laser therapy is and why should you consider it for your pet.  Pet laser therapy is a surgery free, drug free, and most importantly, a pain free way to treat multiple conditions linked to inflammation. These include, but are not limited to; arthritis, acute injuries (ie. sprains & strains), skin, ear & anal gland infections, bone fractures and many more.

During Royal York Animal Hospital’s training and trial period, we were thankful for the clients who allowed their pets to participate and then were amazed by the improvement of their health conditions (and they just look so darn cute in their “doggles”).  Of the many, here are a few that stood out.” Jackie“, is a 12 year old Labrador Retriever, had trouble and discomfort in her regular daily activities, simply walking up and down the stairs had become a chore. We are pleased to report that Jackie is now off her regular daily regimen of pain medication and giving her 2 year old housemate a run for her money.

Ever”, is a 4 year old Whippet, who had suffered a nasty gash on her elbow after playing and had fallen in a creek in Etobicoke.  With the help of our pet laser therapy, Ever’s wound healed significantly faster than first anticipated, so much so that she might not think twice before playing around that creek again…oh Ever!

Allie ending Laser sessionIf you have any questions about laser therapy and its benefits, please don’t hesitate to contact myself or one of the veterinarians or technicians at Royal York Animal Hospital to see if laser therapy could help benefit your best friend! There is also lots more information on our website www.ryah.ca under our PET SERVICES Tab.

Dr. Suzie Jerabek