Tips for taking your pet along with you on Vacation

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In my last blog I talked about what to consider, if your pet is staying home while you go on vacation, but what if you decided to bring your pet with you?
But……What If Your Pet Could Come Along On Your Trip?

Traveling with your pet can be fun, but careful planing is necessary. If you are traveling internationally with your pet it requires planning even if just driving up north to cottage country.  If you are traveling out of the country – even if just driving to the United States you need to do much more homework.  Make sure to contact the country embassy well in advance. Every country has different entry requirements. Some even require  a quarantine period or special testing for contagious diseases.

Flying With Your Pet

If you are FLYING with your pet you also need to contact the airline to check for regulations and kennels requirement when traveling with your pet.

Driving With Your Pet

If you are DRIVING make sure your pet is comfortable and used to being in the car.  If you must travel with your pet and is not used to the car, ask your veterinarian for possible medications that can help your pet travel comfortable.  Consider your pet’s comfort as you travel.  How will he/she get exercise?  Go to the bathroom?  What are the considerations when you stop for meals en route?  Often it may be too hot or too cold or otherwise unsafe to leave your pet unattended in the car.

Make sure the hotel or camping grounds where you are staying are pet friendly.  Many hotels not only allow pets but welcome them, giving them beds, treats and some may even offer dog walking services. Always check for any additional fees. However, this requires research, planning and booking beforehand.

Make sure your dog and cat have collars and tags with UP TO DATE contact information including your cell number —remember you are not at home to be contacted if your pet goes missing while you are away! Pet Microchipping is a must.  Again, your contact information must be kept up to date.

Make sure to bring  your pet’s food and medications. Bringing a copy of your pet’s medical records, including all vaccinations can save valuable time in an emergency.   Check for available veterinary services on route and at your final destination.  In a word PLAN.

When taking a vacation whether you bring your pet with you or not, planning ahead is the key for successful and fun trip!!

Dr. Luisa Alvarez

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