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Life is full of unexpected stressors, and chief among them are sudden illnesses or injuries that see our family members needing medical attention.  For some the cost of that care can be beyond their financial grasp. Unfortunately, that’s the reality for many people with four-legged family members who find themselves having to make tough (sometimes heart-breaking) choices. “To treat or not to treat” is a terrible question to have to ponder.

What is the Royal York Animal Hospital Pet Foundation in Etobicoke?

In 2009, and as part of a grass roots desire to help pet owners in our own Etobicoke community,  we established a foundation to help Royal York Animal Hospital clients who find themselves in those very circumstances.  Our foundation relies upon donations from our clients (RYAH families helping RYAH families), and the hospital matches donations made. We also absorb administrative costs so your donations go entirely toward veterinary care. To qualify for funding, each situation has to meet criteria evaluated by the hospital’s Pet Foundation committee, and the recipient must be able to meet us part way financially. Funding isn’t a handout as much as a leg up at a pet’s time of need. Here are a few  pets that have benefited from the generosity of fellow Royal York Animal Hospital clients. They’re the best kinds of stories – the ones with happy endings.

 NAME: Dotty     BREED: Greyhound  OCCUPATION: Retired Racing Dog 

Dotty's pict 1 (2) Procedure: oral surgery (9 tooth extractions) 

Her Story: Dotty’s family adopted her from a Greyhound rescue organization. It’s hard to find placements for older animals, so we’re always heartened by people who take them on. At 12 years of age, an oral exam revealed a mouth with severe dental disease that was calling for help. It came in the form of funding from the Pet Foundation when it was determined that Dotty would be best served by two separate dental procedures. Her family paid for the first, and the Foundation paid for the second 



NAME: Zues   BREED: Boxer cross   OCCUPATION: Escape Artist

 download_20140311_175151 Procedure: management of broken toes 

His Story: This 10-year old Houdini escaped from his home and was hit by a car. It could have been worse, but it was bad enough. He suffered several abrasions and broken toes. Surgery wasn’t a financial option for his family, so they elected medical management instead (splinting and re-splinting over many weeks). But two months in and he was still limping badly and needed additional therapy. The Foundation came to the rescue to get him back on his feet.


Who qualifies for help?

Funding from our Pet Foundation is limited and as such specific criteria must be met to qualify for it.

Only certain medical cases qualify

Most of the time, that means a case that needs immediate attention (an unforeseen emergency like a traumatic injury or a sudden illness). It’s always something that we can fix in one go and doesn’t require ongoing care.

Helping people in our own back yard

This fund is about local residents helping local residents. A recipient must reside in the area and/or be an established client of the hospital.

A one-time offer of (limited) help

To allow us to help as many pet owners as possible, funding is reserved for clients who can meet us part way and pay for some of their pet’s medical care. A client can receive funding once.

Requests for funding will (regretfully) be denied

  • As guardians of the donations made by our clients, we reserve the right to determine which cases qualify for funding.
  • The program does not invite requests for financial assistance from our clients but rather is there for discretionary use as determined by the hospital on a case-by-case basis.
  • Our clients thank you. We thank you.
  • There is no better feeling than making a positive difference in another person’s life.

Here is a final word from a grateful recipient:

” When I brought my rescue cat (and best friend) Rosie to you, I was in the middle of my fight with breast cancer. The thought of my baby being sick was almost too much for me. Thanks to you and the staff there she is healthy and happy. She was always there for me when I felt alone. You gave her the best of care and were kind & caring with me. I even received a call of support at home during my recovery time. There were complications, but both Rosie and I are survivors. Bless you and thank you for being there. You are the best!! Pat”

We recently held an open house and fundraising event for our foundation.  Check out our facebook page for photos!  

Would you like to make a donation to Royal York’s Pet Foundation? We welcome your help, and we’ll match your donation!


Rita Peters CVPM,  Hospital Director

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