Keep your Pet Safe this holiday season — INDOOR TIPS!

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Here are some really quick tips about INDOOR safety for your Pets this holiday season!

1. Tinsel and Ribbon are pretty and eye catching and fun to play with!  However, if eaten the result can be severe intestinal problems including blockage and surgery to remove.  This happens WAY more often than most pet owners think and often with pets who normally “don’t eat non-food items”

2. Holly, Mistletoe, Lilies and Poinsettias can also cause Gastrointestinal upset or even be potentially fatal if enough is ingested.

3. Chocolate (the darker the more toxic), Candy, Raisins, Grapes and Currents are also toxic.

4. Gravy and other high fat foods could cause Pancreatitis in your pet and an extended hospital stay…..

5. Don’t let your pet drink from the tree stand as the run off sap can be toxic.

6. Christmas Crackers and balloons can make loud noises that can frighten your pet and make an already stressful time for them more stressful

Which bring us to # 7.  With all the comings and goings our pets can be very stressed out during the Holiday season.  Watch them closely when visitors are entering and leaving so they don’t inadvertently escape and always make sure that they have a safe and quiet place to retreat to if need be.

Following these simple tips can keep your pet out of harms way this Holiday Season!

Dr. John

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