• May 03 2017

    Dr. Iz Jakubowski

    Should I have my dog on Tick protection year ‘round? (Toronto)

    It’s gotten to the point where there’s no such thing as a specific “season” for ticks. The reality is that they’re active any time the temperature is 4°C or higher….

  • Apr 28 2017

    Dr. Zach Jones

    Six reasons why your Cat hates fleas more than you do!

    SIX reasons Why Your Cat Hates Fleas and Doesn’t Even Know It Since the beginning of time, mammals everywhere have struggled in the fight against their miniscule mortal enemies known…

  • Mar 22 2017

    The Hazards of Chocolate and Pets

    Chocolate brownies, chocolate chips, chocolate bars, oh my!! It would be highly unusual for me to turn down chocolate at anytime. Unfortunately, despite my enthusiasm for chocolate, I never share…

  • Jan 07 2017

    “Catertainment” 101

    “Catertainment” 101 Environmental Enrichment for Indoor Cats         An indoor lifestyle keeps our cats healthier, safer and living longer lives.   However boredom, frustration and environmental stress are…

  • Jan 03 2017

    Dr. Zach Jones

    The Litter box and the “Port-o-Potty”

    The Litter box and the ‘Port-o-Potty’ Let’s face it: cats are a little weird.  What other species likes to sprint around the house at 3 am without warning? Or play inside a…

  • Dec 07 2016

    Christmas cautionary “tails” by Dr. John

    Christmas Accidents Can Happen To Anyone’s Pet There is a lot of information out there about keeping your pet safe during the holidays and all the potential hazards.  At Royal York Animal Hospital, we…

  • Nov 11 2016

    The facts about Kennel Cough (Bordetella) and Kennel Cough Protection

    The Facts about Kennel Cough Protection Our veterinarians have seen an increase in cases of kennel cough in dogs during October and the first part of November. At Royal York Animal…

  • Oct 24 2016

    Dr. John and friends

    Is Hallowe’en fun or scary for our pets?

    We love Hallowe’en in Canada.  It can be a fun and exciting time of year for families and children……but let’s face it…..for most cats and dogs Hallowe’en can be downright…

  • Sep 12 2016

    New puppy? New Adult dog ? Here are some tips!

    New Puppy?             Bringing a new puppy into your home is always exciting! At Royal York Animal Hospital we see proud new puppy parents everyday.  Whether this…

  • Aug 23 2016

    Do you have a Brachycephalic (flat faced) Dogs (Bulldogs, Pugs, Bostons and more…)

    Do you have a brachycephalic (flat-faced) dog? What’s a brachycephalic dog? The word ‘brachycephalic’ means quite literally “short head”. Some common brachycephalic breeds include bulldogs, Pugs, Shih Tzus, Chow Chows,…

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