• Nov 02 2013

    Cats grooming each other

    Grooming and Brushing Cats

    Cat Grooming in Etobicoke Royal York Animal Hospital believes all cats owners like to see their cat with a nice shiny and fluffy coat.  We also know that most cats shed quite a…

  • Oct 11 2013

    Etobicoke Dog Grooming in Autumn

    Etobicoke Dog Grooming Welcome to Autumn!  Summer has just flown by and many dogs have been lucky enough to spend the days cooling off  by swimming at the cottage, rolling in the mud…

  • Oct 09 2013

    AAHA Accredited Animal Hospitals — What does this mean and why is it important?

    What Is It and Why It Should Be Important To You And Your Pet?   Each month at Royal York Animal Hospital we focus on a specific area in Veterinary Medicine…

  • Sep 24 2013

    Is my cat at risk for parasites if he only goes outside occasionally?

    ===================================================================================================   This is the second part of my blog focusing on internal parasites (worms).  In this one I want to particularly focus on cats.  I am very interested in parasitology and I really believe that there are…

  • Sep 13 2013

    Does my pet have “worms”? Does My Vet Have To Check My Pets Stool Sample Every Year?

    My name is Dr. Annelle Valentin and I have been a veterinarian at Royal York Animal Hospital for the past 10 years.  This blog is one of two parts about…

  • Aug 19 2013

    Dr. John holding a black dog

    Kennel Cough In Dogs

    What is that hacking noise? There’s a Chicken Bone Caught in My Dogs Throat !! It’s Called Kennel Cough I’ve heard that phrase over 1000 times since graduating as a Veterinarian….

  • Aug 12 2013

    Royal York Animal Hospital Pet Foundation

    Pet owners helping pet owners in Etobicoke Every August Royal York Animal Hospital asks our Clients to open their hearts to help assist pets in need of veterinary care in our own CENTRAL ETOBICOKE…

  • Jul 30 2013

    Pet Swallows Household Items In Etobicoke

     What to do when your pet has an unusual meal   Why Would Your Pet Eat Something Like That?? Junior , a 7 ½ year old male beagle, was presented…

  • Jun 30 2013

    Hot Spots On Dogs in Etobicoke

    Summer Time and Your Pets     I can certainly tell that summer is here!  One of the most common medical conditions, in dogs, we see during the hot weather is…

  • Jun 17 2013

    Cat Adoption Etobicoke Program at Royal York Animal Hospital

    Cat and Kitten Adoption Program Royal York Animal Hospital has a small but successful cat and kitten adoption program and we have been successfully adopting felines for many years. We…

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