Please text 416-231-9293 with your parking spot upon arrival to the hospital for your pet’s appointment

You will receive a return text with information about the next steps.  You will be asked to self-identify if you or a member or your household are experiencing any symptoms of Covid-19.

We Have Returned To In Person Appointments + Pick ups

One person can accompany their pet for an appointment with a Doctor (some conditions apply). We are allowing a limited number of clients inside.  If we have reached the maximum number of people in the hospital then you may not be able to come in.

For any client entering the hospital a COVID pre-screen questionnaire and a properly worn face mask are required.  Clients will be provided a private waiting room and their pet will be examined in a separate room.  Once the exam is complete, the Doctor will share their findings one-on-one with the client.

Our front door is open for food/medication pick up but the following services remain curbside:

  • Grooming
  • Visits for Bloodwork, Nail Trims, and other Technician services

If We Can’t Accommodate An In Person Visit; Our Curbside Protocol Is:

  • A Veterinary Assistant will come to your car to safely escort your pet into the hospital.
  • The assistant will remain with your pet during the entire visit.
  • A Veterinary Nurse (Technician) will phone you to review and confirm your pet’s medical history prior to the Veterinarian calling you.
  • The Veterinarian will phone you while examining your pet. He or she will review your concerns and any findings with you. They will answer any questions & make any recommendations.
  • Any procedures or tests needed will be performed by the Veterinary nurse and the Assistant.
  • Invoicing and payment collection will be done remotely.
  • The Assistant will return your pet to your car.


Thank you for your understanding, we look forward to see you and your pet soon.