Pet Boarding

3We provide comfortable, SEPARATE, boarding facilities for dogs and cats. The canine guest enjoys maid and room service twice daily (or more for the messy visitors), three walks a day, and a play time in our play lounge area. The feline guest enjoys private bi-level cat condo accommodations. Cat condos offer special port holes to allow for exploration of all levels. Felines also enjoy twice daily maid and room service, and a choice of having play time and/ or brushing during a stretch time.

We have dedicated, full time, long-term pet care staff who are with your pet for the whole day and lavish our guest with an abundance of Tender Loving Care. Our veterinary staff checks in on each pet a minimum of two times per day and notifies the veterinarian of any concerns immediately.

Requirements For Pet Boarding

1We require up-to-date animal vaccinations before your pet can be admitted to the hospital for boarding, and your pet must be free of external parasites or other contagious conditions. You can be assured of your pet’s safety as all the pets in our care have been examined by one of our veterinarians. Our pet care attendants ensure each pet is cared for individually. Pets can be admitted during our regular hospital hours. Pets with medical conditions, those requiring specific medication, or special diets may also be accommodated.

2The added benefit is knowing that if your animal experiences any illness while you are away, your pet will be promptly and competently looked after by our medical staff.  Our Pet Care Attendants have been trained to recognize and report any signs of illness or discomfort. Dog and cat grooming services are available for pets in boarding, and are normally performed as close as possible to your pet’s departure date.

For a tour of our boarding facilities, please feel free to drop by anytime.