young woman holding kitten

Adrienne joined the RYAH team in the spring of 2012.  She has worked as a veterinary receptionist since 2007 in the Etobicoke community where she grew up!  Although she enjoyed her studies in Fine Arts at York University, her lifelong passion for animals has lead her to work in the field of animal care.  Adrienne particularly enjoys interacting with clients and their pets and exchanging anecdotes and experiences.  She shares her home with feline friends “Benjamin” the Bengal  and “Bijou” the Abyssinian Mix.  Her “family” also includes nine feathered friends including two cockatiels, four lovebirds, a budgie, “Ollie” an Alexandrine parakeet and “Kiwi” a Senegal parrot.  Adrienne’s love of animals extends to the great outdoors and she is an avid hiker and birdwatcher.