Cheryl VT

woman posing next to fluffy dog

Office Manager

Cheryl has lived her entire life in South Etobicoke. She joined RYAH front office team in 2001! Cheryl’s special skills allowed her position to evolve from the front desk to an exam room assistant and then into a role designed to be a liaison between the front office and the treatment area. Eventually through further dedication, perseverance and study, she became a Veterinary Technician. Cheryl’s unique understanding of all areas of the hospital including both client service and patient care make her a natural “go to” person for questions or concerns from both her teammates and for clients.

As at March 2016,  Cheryl has brought all her interests and responsibilities together into  the Office Manager role.  Cheryl is also an integral part of our kitten/cat adoption program and has successfully fostered many tiny kittens. She has a particular interest in animal behaviour and enjoys taking dog training classes with her Bouvier X, “ Budrick”. She also shares her life with two wonderful felines, “Arrow” & “Noodle” and her Quaker Parakeet “Cecil”