Dr. John Allen


Dr. Allen (fondly called Dr. John by all) is a graduate of the University of Guelph, Ontario Veterinary College and has been a fixture at RYAH since 1998. A little bit of a workaholic, Dr. John loves being a veterinarian so much that he works six days a week except for the winter months (January, February and March) during which time he escapes to sunny Mexico! He often is the spokesperson for RYAH and is on “Animal House Calls” with Ann Rohmer on a regular basis helping to educate pet owners and answering questions. Dr. John has the unique ability to be able to explain complicated procedures in very easy to understand language making him a favourite with our clients. He is the proud grandpa to Allyanna, Treyton, Ayden and Evander. When not at RYAH, Dr. John enjoys trying new restaurants and going to the theatre. He has lived in our Etobicoke community for over thirty years.